I’m no expert at marketing science or logo design or anything like that but I wanted to call out how very well designed the Cabin Brewing Company logo is.

I have used Tabac personal products for over 2 years now (yes they’re great, yes you should try them). Every single morning I see my body wash and shave soap with the Tabac logo on it but the other morning I looked and the only word into my brain was “CABIN.”

You might be thinking “yes Jeremy, we know, you think about beer all the time” but it was the “A” in the Tabac logo that triggered that thought. Kudos to the designer of the Cabin logo for making that “A” stand out as not only some stellar typography but to etch the Cabin brand into my brain.

Every day now I’m reminded in the shower to keep my eyes on Cabin Brewing, because those folks are going to be brewing some pretty epic beers soon!