Beaver Drilling Inc.

Beaver Drilling is the largest family-owned and operated drilling company in Canada. As a result, Beaver Drilling is also the oldest standing member of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors.

The ask for this web-site was to showcase each of the different drilling rigs and equipment that the company has to offer as well as serve as a portal to recruit potential employees.

  • PHP/Javascript Development

    Custom development on the rig-locator to use a Google Spreadsheet to power the map that folks in reception can simply update on a weekly basis. Custom printing rules coded (print.css) for trucking companies that require driving directions (off the rig-locator) sent via fax. Custom slideshow.

  • Design

    Worked with Beaver Drilling photography assets to create high-res imagery for each of the landing pages as well as the home-page slideshow. Copy-writing was key in showcasing each of the areas the company wanted to highlight.

  • Hosting

    This site is a very database heavy site both with WordPress and the custom resume-accumulation engine that was built to house submitted resumes. Staff are able to log into the site and search through every resume submitted through the site for both rig and camp positions since the site was launched. Reporting modules and email notifications were also a piece of the resume engine.  To host these levels of service required a higher than usual amount of compute power and a hardened MySQL database to ensure potential employee’s personal data was not ever compromised.

Want to see more? Check out Beaver Drilling on the web.