SAPTA is the Southern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association.The goal of the Southern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association is to unite preschools, owners, directors, teachers, and parents, and to provide them with a forum for communication, understanding and acceptance of Early Childhood practices.

The ask for this web-site was to create a simple and clean yet fun and informative web-site that was simple for guests to navigate. A full e-commerce engine was built in complete with revenue-tracking and mobile friendly payment flow. The ability for the treasurer to be able to manage all monies on the web-site was a “great treat” for her when the site was delivered.

  • PHP/Javascript Development

    Custom web-site built in WordPress with high resolution (retina) imagery and reporting/data-management components for E-Commerce.

  • E-Commerce

    Full end-to-end E-commerce payment flow coded in WooCommerce complete with PCI-compliant, tokenized payment engine (Stripe).

  • Hosting

    Built and configured LAMP stack with proper security measures (SSL Certificate) and secure-access management pages for E-commerce management. Robust server built with enough compute power to handle multiple E-commerce transactions per-second with the ability to expand if certain usage thresholds are met.

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