Shink Family Law

Shink Family Law is a group of Calgary family lawyers that specialize in legal matters related to divorce, mediation, separation, and custody.

The ask for this site was to create a simple and clean informative site to showcase the services available to folks in need of a professional Family Lawyer.

  • PHP/Javascript Development

    Custom PHP and Javascript development for the home-page slideshow to include an animated caption for each image.

  • Photography

    Took many of the featured photos myself on a trip through the Calgary Courthouses and the Shink Family Law offices.

  • Hosting

    The site was very recently moved off a shared-hosting server to a much more robust and secure server. All site-migration, code-control and release engineering was done in-house to ensure a smooth move to the new container.

  • Google Apps for Work

    Google Apps for Work was just recently added during the site migration to ensure high-availability and data-security in communications with current and potential clients.

Want to see more? Check out Shink Family Law on the web.