Westjet Check-in

Westjet Self-serve Check-in provides guests with 3 different methods to check-in for a flight: kiosk, web and mobile. With the web-operations team I supported both the Web and Mobile channels at the middleware level for operational support.

  • Release Engineering

    Assisted developers in moving code-base and creating supporting infrastructure to Java 8 and Tomcat 7. Promoted all code through development and test environments through to production which added many new features for the developers who were working in Java 6.

  • PCI Remediation

    Assisted the PCI remediation team in documenting infrastructure, deployment and provisioning processes, upgrades, server-patching and access for all web and mobile check-in applications in preparation for PCI auditing purposes. Also provisioned all servers into segmented (PCI) network environment including all F5 load-balancing rules, DNS and routing.

  • SSL Encryption

    Provisioned full end-to-end SSL encryption for both web and mobile checkin applications including integration with IBM Tivoli Access Manager (Webseal), F5 routing, DNS and iRules and all SSL certification provisioning and termination.

  • Automated Deployments

    Authored end-to-end deployment scripts in both bash and Ansible to handle deployments of all code artifacts, application configuration and environment configuration through all (dev=>prod) environments.

  • SCM Management

    Assisted development team with code-merges, branch management and basic configuration in Jenkins in preparation of using Artifactory as primary source for code artifacts.

  • Projects Completed

    Promoted many feature releases through to Production including CBSA ruling, TSA Pre-Check, Timatic rule-sets and web-services and assisted in preparing environments for upcoming releases.

Want to see more? Check out Westjet Check-in on the web.