WestJet Guest Portal and Rewards

The WestJet Guest Portal is where guests sign in and manage their Identity and Rewards program including membership Tiers. As part of the Middleware team supporting this application, I provide release management duties, monitoring, operational sensing and Tier 1 support for the Guest Portal platform.

  • Release Management

    As an active member during development sprints, I work with the development team to work through any environment or server issues during coding sprints and automate as much of the deploys through the path-to-production as possible. Bash scripting, debug mode and JVM tuning are all a part of working with this team on the Guest Portal.

  • Operational Sensing

    Using a variety of tools both internally and externally such as Splunk and Pingdom, we can ensure that the entry and exit points from each area of the application through the Middleware tiers are working properly without any bottlenecks.

  • Load Balancing

    With multiple servers implemented at various points in the application stack, the F5 LTM load-balancer plays a big part in ensuring the load placed upon the Middleware tier is successfully balanced across the server pools. As part of the Operations team, I’m charged with ensuring Health-monitors are properly written and checking the nodes in the LTM as well as updating all SSL endpoints both on the servers themselves and the Virtual IPs on the F5 LTMs.

Want to see more? Check out WestJet’s Guest Portal on the web.