WestJet Vacations

WestJet Vacations is where guests can book a full vacation-package including flights, hotel, cars and other ancillary items to create their dream vacation. As part of the Middleware team my responsibilities included working with the Development team to move various code releases through our path-to-production and providing operational support across all of those servers. Our Montréal vendor that hosts our vacations booking system worked closely with us to monitor and manage feature-releases to the back-office applications WestJet’s booking agents use to book guests in the Call Centre.

  • Release Engineering

    Pushed code up through the various environments from QA to Production with code hosted on WebLogic Application Servers. Worked with our Montréal vendor to triage booking and system issues as they arose in Production.

  • Back Office Support

    Supported the back-office applications that the Call Centre and Vacations Operations team used to do bookings, reporting and create various routes/destinations available on the web-site and in the reservation system. This included managing Java applications (Tomcat, WebLogic, IIS and FTP servers used to support the ongoing business initiatives.

  • Load Balancing

    With outages or deployments, I worked within both the F5 GTM and LTM appliances to move traffic away from servers that were undergoing maintenance or were being triaged for issues.

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