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As long as I can remember I've always been a fan of weather. Growing up near the ocean I remember leaning over the sea wall into gales as they blew waves up over the berm and across the road from where we lived. I actually completed 2 years of University majoring in Geography with a goal of becoming a meterologist... that's another story...

Since 2011, I've kept a personal weather station at whichever house we've lived at in Calgary and have recorded some pretty epic events; hail the size of golfballs, winds steady at 90 KM/h, deluges of rain that pooled our street making it impassable and incredible lightning storms.

I started with a Netatmo weather station that included the outdoor sensor, the rain sensor and wind sensor. This is more than adequate and back then, 2011 or so, I could share my sensor data to the Personal Weather Station (PWS) network on Weather Underground. I should have stayed with that system but decided to 'upgrade' to the Acurite 5-in-1 Pro Weather Center.

I sold the Netatmo to my then boss, and installed the Acurite in the same spot as the Netatmo. It was fantastic and served me really well for over 6 years... until things started to go a little sideways. I'll keep this short and point form but:

  • Acurite access (unit that sends your system's data to your acurite site/app and to Wunderground) started losing connection to the internet. Eventually would not connect to the weather station itself at all... literally nothing changed in the environment, one day it just decided to quit.
  • Weather Underground was one of the best (if not the best) weather station network on the internet. The UI was excellent, there were very accurate forecasts for the PWS in their network and it was really fun to share weather from my backyard to friends and family... Then IBM bought them. Nuff said?

With a unit that couldn't connect to the internet and a completely broken endpoint for my weather station data, it was time for a change - so I decided to give Netatmo another shot.

Since 2011, Netatmo has upgraded their units to be extremely accurate. They're super simple to set up, have incredible network connectivity to the base unit and also monitors your indoor environment as well! What I like the most about Netatmo's ecosystem is that they've completely revamped their own Netatmo Weather Station network since Wunderground stopped accepting Netatmo weather stations onto their network... Netatmo's weather station network is amazing and the app you can install on your cellphone/tablet is excellent.

If you're looking for a personal weather station, I can highly recommend checking out the Netatmo Full Weather Station Pack.

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