I’m a pitmaster, Drummer, DevOps Engineer, Daddy, Hubby, and Weather Nerd living and working in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This is a personal blog and you’ll find primarily tech-related posts, rants about beer and bbq and probably some music (audiophile) stuff too.

Therefore © Jeremy Foster.

Some interesting things about me:

  • I’m from Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada in a city called Victoria
  • I currently reside in Calgary, Alberta and have been here since 2006
  • I’ve been playing drums since I was 13 years old and still play now
  • I’ve been a part of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) beer clubs since I was 17 and helped start and run Alberta’s First CAMRA society in 2017
  • I have participated in competition BBQ and continue to cater for friends and family using multiple smokers
  • I work as an Engineering Manager at Acquia (more on Link Tin)
  • I have 2 amazing children and an amazing wife to keep me grounded!
  • I’m old-school in that
    • I light my bbq(s) with a match,
    • shave with a safety blade,
    • use a stove-top coffee percolator and
    • VIM is the best editor there is
  • Han shot first