Jeremy FosterI’m a Pitmaster, Drummer, Software Engineering Manager, Father to 2 awesome children, Husband to a loving wife, and Weather Enthusiast living and working in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This is a personal blog and you’ll find posts related to music, technology, engineering-leadership, BBQ and wishlists for audiophile related gear…

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I’m a Software Engineering Manager with a focus on building and developing high-performance Cloud-Development and Platform Engineering teams. My work history has seen me work as a Web Developer, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Platform Engineer, Infrastructure Developer, Systems Analyst, Cloud Architect and Software Engineering Manager.

I was a managed service provider for 15 years, developing both static websites and WordPress sites, hosted on multiple public-cloud-hosting providers. As a sole-proprietor of that business, I worked with multiple clients, both local and International across many industries including ISPs, Homebuilders, Dance companies, Doctors, Law Firms, Churches, Casinos and Agriculture.

On the corporate side, I’ve done agency-level web-development for companies such as Nike, Adidas, BestBuy, Hyatt Hotels, Dell Computers, AT&T, Albertson’s, Rolex and Blue-Cross. Graduating into the Operations side, I’ve been part of DevOps teams supporting platforms for multiple industries including Airlines, Mobile App Developers (iOS/Android), Municipal Hydro services, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, and Healthcare Providers.

I’ve been blessed to have worked with some of the most talented and brightest Engineers, Architects and Developers in the industry and been lucky to have had some of those great folks be my mentors. I’ve made many (many) mistakes – and learned from them!

Becoming an Engineering Manager is one of the most difficult tasks I’ve had in my career, but sharing my knowledge and experience (and many mistakes!) with up-and-coming Engineers and seeing them thrive is the best reward!