Competition BBQ

Holy Fire BBQ Competition team is shutting down and we’ll no longer be competing in any more competitions. I’ve made some incredible connections in the industry and will continue the smoke in my backyard for friends and family to enjoy!

When I first started smoking meat as a hobby, my goal was to eventually get good enough to enter a BBQ Competition. After much folly of feeding family and friends, practicing for my first Competition, I finally entered the BBQ on the Bow competition in 2019. This is a KCBS sanctioned event where competitors smoke brisket, chicken, pork and ribs and are judged with the KCBS guidelines.

We placed in the middle of the pack for the weekend, even winning a ribbon in the chef’s choice (pizza) that year. The next competitions we entered were in Didsbury where we didn’t do well (at all) but that’s okay. The amazing people I’ve met, become friends with, and shared epic bbq with is worth more than any ribbon. The BBQ community in Alberta is amazing and I will continue to attend (as a spectator) the BBQ competitions to cheer on the teams (and maybe sneak some brisket here or there!)

If you’re just starting out your bbq journey, I highly recommend aiming towards doing a competition, even if it’s just the backyard category. You’ll have a blast and end up meeting some amazing people, and eating some incredible BBQ!

Special thanks goes out to the teams that took us under their wing in one way or another and showed us tips and tricks!