Uncle Tom

I knew I had this photo in my archive somewhere. I had to find it because the first time I saw it, I remembered thinking, that’s a great photo of Uncle Tom.

Sadly, Uncle Tom passed in October of 2020. With the pandemic causing an inability to travel, it’s been tough to not have a chance to properly say goodbye, to be with family in person, and to remember together how great a man Tom was. I remember thinking around Christmas about how I’d always enjoy traveling back to Victoria to visit family and chat with Tom about computers, beer, kids and life in general. Tom was always curious to know what was happening in our lives, at work, and especially with the kids.

Tom lived a wonderful life, has an amazing family and had many great stories about his life and work in Canada.

I hope that when things get better and we can gather to properly remember Tom for who he was and how great his company was, that we can laugh and cry and celebrate his life together. Rest in Peace Uncle Tom.